Wyvern + QPAD = Success

Wyvern is proud to present our own limited edition Wyvern mousepad in collaboration with our sponsor QPAD. QPAD has been a leading developer of high end gaming gear for years, with their speciality being mousepads. If you are looking for a mousepad with room to move and with high precision and smooth mouse movements –[…]


Cevo Season 8

We are delighted to announce our participation in season 8 MAIN division. This means that we can play against a lot more experienced teams. This is a huge step towards Wyvern eSports goals and visions, which we are very proud of. Make sure to be updated of the teams results from the preseason. You can[…]


Wyvern eSports + QPAD = Confirmed

We’re proud to present one of our newest sponsors, QPAD which we got contact with during the DreamHack Summer Event 2015. You can find more information about what they do and their company in the sponsor section! Welcome to the Wyvern family!